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20 Unique Content Ideas a Service business can use on LinkedIn

I wanted to create super helpful blog post :) We are often asked about LinkedIn and how to use it to grow a business and attract more clients. So we thought we would pull together 20 content ideas which you can pick up and use. Don't forget to use tools such as Canva to help you generate graphics and if you are really stuck, you can also use an AI tool such as ChatGPT to generate the content ☺️

LinkedIn currently likes sliding carousel posts. Videos are great too, if linking to an externally hosted video - ie: on youtube.

Here are they are, 20 content ideas which you can pick up and start using today:

  1. Highlighting success stories of previous clients and their results

  2. Sharing industry news and updates related to the business’s services

  3. Sharing thought leadership pieces and original content on relevant topics

  4. Sharing behind-the-scenes content of the business’s work and team members

  5. Sharing customer testimonials and reviews

  6. Sharing company culture and values through employee spotlight posts

  7. Sharing upcoming events and webinars related to the business’s services

  8. Sharing content about the business’s mission and impact

  9. Highlighting awards and recognition the business has received

  10. Sharing tips and best practices related to the business’s services

  11. Hosting a LinkedIn Q&A session with experts in the field

  12. Sharing customer success stories in a video format

  13. Sharing case studies on the business’s work and results for clients

  14. Sharing infographics that break down complex topics related to the business’s services

  15. Offering free resources such as eBooks, whitepapers, and webinars

  16. Sharing relevant statistics and data about the industry

  17. Collaborating with other businesses and experts in the field for co-created content

  18. Sharing personal and inspiring stories about the business’s founders and employees

  19. Highlighting company milestones and achievements

  20. Offering exclusive LinkedIn discounts and promotions for followers.

We would love to hear how you get on!

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